Torch Project Management View in Google Drive Screenshot
Files attached to messages and comments can be viewed in Google Docs (assuming the file is something Google Docs understands).

Torch Project Management Google Drive Screenshot
Quickly viewing uploaded files in Google Docs/Drive is just the beginning of the integration. You can attach, upload or create Google Docs in your projects. Torch automatically modifies the permissions of the documents to match those of the project. And, when you search, you search the contents of the attached Google Docs.

Torch Project Management Google Apps Scripts
Use Torch's time, expense and invoice data directly in your Google Spreadsheet. This allows you to build spreadsheet functions that access the most up-to-date information and integrate it into your existing files.
Torch Project Management Voice Screenshot Google Voice allows you to keep all of your voicemail and SMS messages in one place. But, because you can e-mail any voice mail or SMS, you can also send this information to Torch Project Management (the same way as you e-mail anything else to Torch). Torch scans for the phone number and automatically places the voice mail in the proper project.
Torch Project Management Android Interface Access your most critical Torch data from anywhere, even if you don't have an Internet connection. Works on many devices:
iPhone OS (3.0+):
iPod Touch

BlackBerry OS (6.0+):
Torch 9800
Flip 3G 9670
Bold 9780

Palm Pre (or higher)
Palm Pixi (or higher)
HP Veer
HP TouchPad

Firefox Mobile:
Nokia N900
Nokia N810
Windows Mobile (Alpha)
Android (1.6+):
Google Nesus S
Google Nexus One
HTC Desire
HTC Dream
HTC Magic
HTC Droid Eris
HTC Tattoo
HTC Droid Incredible
HTC Evo 4G
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Devour
Motorola CLIQ
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Moment
Archos 7
Dell Streak
Many others...
Torch Project Management Chrome Extensions Screenshot Using Chrome Extensions, users of Torch Project Management can view, filter and add tasks, events, time and expense entries without having to open the Torch Project Management web interface. Simply type in the filter box at the top to search entries, or press the plus to add entries.

Additionally, using the Save to Torch Project Management Chrome Extension, users of Torch Project Management can quickly select content from any website and save it as a message in Torch Project Management.
Torch Project Management Chrome Web App
If you're a Google Chrome user, you can install Torch Project Management as an app from the Google Chrome Store. This tells Chrome that Torch Project Management isn't just a web page, it's an app, therefore it grants it special privileges. This is particularly useful if you are a Google Chromebook user.
Torch Project Management Google Gadget Screenshot View recent messages, tasks, bids and invoices while on iGoogle or anywhere else OpenSocial Gadgets are supported.
Torch Project Management Visualization Screenshot
You can view Torch time, expense and financial data using the Google Motion Visualization. However, Torch is also a Google Visualization data source, which means you can pull Torch data into numerous gadgets. You can even build your own.