Starts at $9 a month
Sign-up for Torch's 31 day trial! After that it is $9 for the first internal user, $5 for each additional internal user per month. External users (your clients and partners) are free!

Manage the entire project

bid, collaborate, track resources and invoice

Torch Project Management Dashboard Screenshot
Torch Project Management Message Screenshot
Torch Project Management Calendar Screenshot
Torch Project Management Budgets Screenshot
Torch Project Management Google Drive Screenshot
Quickly viewing uploaded files in Google Docs/Drive is just the beginning of the integration. You can also attach, upload or create Google Docs in your projects. Torch automatically modifies the permissions of the documents to match those of the project. And, when you search, you search the contents of the attached Google Docs.

Torch Project Management Google Apps Scripts
Use Torch's time, expense and invoice data directly in your Google Spreadsheet. This allows you to build spreadsheet functions that access the most up-to-date information and integrate it into your existing files.
Torch Project Management Time Tracking Screenshot
Torch Project Management Invoice Screenshot
Torch Project Management Mobile Interface
Access your most critical Torch data from anywhere, even if you don't have an Internet connection. Works on many devices, including the Palm Pre, Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone.

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